7 Tips for Stress Free Christmas Shopping

    Stress free Christmas shopping

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    Christmas time is known for being the most wonderful time of the year.  It can also be the most stressful time of the year.  Some people love the hustle and bustle of the crowded malls, and others get a rush from snagging the perfect gift on December 24th.  I am quite the opposite.  Shopping is not my favorite thing to do, and I despise crowded spaces.  I know that must sound odd.  A fashion and beauty blogger that does not like to shop, but it’s true.  However, I do like to receive items.  Because I am the queen of avoiding situations that I don’t like, I have mastered making Christmas shopping a breeze.

    Stress free Christmas shopping


    Here are my tips for stress free Christmas Shopping.


    1- Skip the Store– today you can get just about anything online.  This time of year, the stores are flooded with people.  Utilize the ease of online shopping, and shop for all of your gifts from the comfort of your own home or office.  With their two day shipping, Amazon is my favorite place to shop for last minute gifts.

    2- Get There Early– if you must go to a physical store for your Christmas shopping, make sure you get there early.  Try getting to the stores as soon as they open.  There tends to be less people and you can stroll through the store with ease.  By the time the crowd come rolling in, you’ll be heading out.

    3- Spread it Out– if you have a lot of Christmas shopping to do, don’t try to do it all in one day.  Break your Christmas shopping up into chunks over a few days or weeks.  Instead of shopping by person, shop by category.  This way, you are able to hit one type of store at a time without having to double back because you forgot Cousin Charolette’s gift while you were picking up a gift for your niece.

    4- Minimize Your List– Think hard.  Does everyone on your list need a gift?  Try to stick to a core list of close family and friends.  I used to want to get everyone in my office a gift.  Then I realized, all of the office gifts that I received were pretty much junk, and that is probably how my gifts were looked at too.  Yes, it’s a nice gesture, but most people would rather not receive a trinket gift.  Minimizing you list will definitely minimize your stress.

    5- Bulk Gifts– If you do need to get several gifts for a group of people, consider getting everyone the same gift.  A mug along with a fancy pack of hot chocolate works great for gifts like this.  You can usually find these already assembled in the gift isle at Target or Walmart.  If you are crafty, consider making your own.  The Dollar Tree is the perfect place for buying mugs in bulk.  They are only $1 each, and you can have them delivered to your home.

    6- Set a budget– Setting a budget always makes things easier.  This way you know right up front what you are able to buy for each person, and you won’t waste time looking at gifts you really can’t afford.  Consider setting either an overall budget for your Christmas shopping, or a budget per person.

    7- Don’t Wrap the Gifts & Don’t Deliver Them– OK, wait, let me explain.  I’m not saying skip the gift wrapping all together.  And, yes defiantly get the gift to the recipient.  But, Let someone else do it for you.  Many department stores and malls offer gift wrapping service during the holidays, and you can even opt in for it when you order online.  My favorite thing to do when ordering gifts online is to not only have the store wrap the gift, but drop ship it right to their door.  This way I don’t have to wrap it, or deliver it.

    Stress free Christmas shopping


    I hope these tips help you to have stress free Christmas shopping this holiday season.  What are some of your Christmas shopping rituals?  Do you get it all done in October or do you wait until the last minute?  Let me know in the comments.


    Stress free Christmas shopping









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