The Must Have Hangers for Every Fashionista

    joy mangano huggable hangers

    I know it’s hard for most people to get excited about hangers, but I do.   Ok, let’s think about it.  We have to deal with hangers every day, so why not make it fun.   My favorite hangers, and the only ones I keep in my closet, are the Joy Mangano Huggable hangers.


    It’s always hard for me to decide what to get my sister for her Birthday or Christmas.  I feel like she has everything, so what could I possibly get her.  Well one year I came up with the perfect gift.   I decided to get her Huggable Hangers.  Now this may not the best gift for everyone, but I knew she would appreciate them.   My husband frowned and said “What kind of gift is that?  Who want’s hangers as a gift?”  I said, “But these are not just any ordinary hangers.  These are Huggable Hangers.”  He was not impressed.  He walked away mumbling in disagreement.


    After the hangers were delivered to her, my sister called me and was so excited about here new hangers.  She said that she was just talking about organizing her closet, and now she was more motivated than ever to do it.  I knew she would love them.  She shared with me that her husband asked her “Why are you so excited over some hangers?” Men!


    5 things I love about Huggable Hangers and why you should have them

    • They are available in every color under the rainbow, and the hooks are available in chrome or gold tone.  The wide range of colors allow you to coordinate your closet with your room decor.
    • Color code your closet.  You can allocate certain colors to certain types of clothing.  For example, all of your dresses on purple hangers, and all of your pants on black hangers.
    • The suede like texture of the hangers insure that your clothes won’t fall off of them.  You can go ahead and cut out all of those annoying strings that are sewn into the shoulder of your tops and dresses.
    • The color on the hangers do not transfer onto your clothing, so go ahead and hang that white pair of pants on that hot pink hanger.
    • They are sturdy enough for your heaviest winter coats.


    How to convert your closet to Huggable Hangers

    If you are like me, you have tons of clothes, so buying all new hangers can get expensive.  If you can swing it, then buy all means, replace all of your hangers at once.  HSN is always running a special on the hangers so you can get a great deal.  On the other hand, if you are like most of us, you may not have the means to go out and purchase a closet full of new hangers.  In this case, I recommend purchasing as many as you can to start.  Place your favorite clothing items on your new Huggable Hangers, and leave all of your other clothes on the hangers you currently have.  Over time, continue to purchase a batch of hangers until eventually, your entire closet is filled with Huggable Hangers.  This is the method I used when I first converted my closet.   Start your new year off right by getting your closet organized with Huggable Hangers.  And start your day off right by always knowing what you’re wearing.  Download the free What I’m Wearing Outfit Planner.  The perfect accompaniment to your perfect hangers. joy mangano huggable hangers

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