Fit Bit Charge 2 Accessory Bands

When achieving your fitness goals every step counts right? I mean, is it just me, or does anyone else not

 bother to move as much if you’re not wearing your Fit Bit at the time? I like to wear my Fit Bit at all times, however, that bulky plastic band can really bring an outfit down.

So how do we fix this problem? Enter Fit Bit accessory change out bands. I was ecstatic when I found these stainless steal mesh accessory bands for my Fit Bit Charge 2. These change out bands are fashionable and affordable, so you can pick up more than one to accessorize with your wardrobe.

The adjustable band is comfortable, and the Magnetic Closure clasp makes it so convenient. They come in an array of colors including black and gold.
I picked up one in silver and one in rose gold. Now I can get my steps in- in style.

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