The Perfect Lighting for Selfies

ring light for cell phone

Location: Chicago, IL

What’s the first thing my girls and I like to do on a night out?  Take selfies!  While we should be dancing  and having fun, we often find ourselves moving around the room all night in search of the best lighting to take pictures.  That is why I was so excited when I received my Neewer Ring Light.

How does it work?

In the photos below you can see the different levels of brightness when using the Neewer ring light in a dark room.  The first photo on the left was taken without the ring light.  The next three photos were taken with it at the three different lighting levels.

newer cell phone ring light

Technical Stats for the Neewer Ring Light

This LED ring light easily clips on to any cell phone.  It come with a built in Li-ion battery and a USB charger.  There are three levels of brightness for your photo or videos needs.  Simply clip it to the top of your cell phone, then press the small button on the back to navigate through the three different lighting levels.  You are now ready to snap away.

I must say I love using this fun little gadget.  Ahh, the comfort of knowing that good selfie lighting is right there in my purse.

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