How I Quit Shampoo With Deva Curl Products

deva curl how to quit shampoo natural hair

Location: Chicago, IL

About 4 months ago I walked into a salon for my 1st Deva Cut.  I had known of Deva Curl products for some time, but I had never used them.  

While getting my haircut, my deva curl stylist explained to me

the benefits of discontinuing the use of shampoos that contain harsh sulfates.  She explained how shampoo strips the hair of moisture, making it nearly impossible for your curls to achieve their best look.

My Deva Cut experience was great.  I was educated on the Deva Curl product line, and given a curly girl “prescription” of the best products to use on my hair at home.

I walked out of the salon confident and ready to give my curls what they needed to thrive.

After only a few weeks of quitting shampoo, and using the Deva Curl cleansers, I began to notice a difference in my hair.  The first thing I noticed was that my curl pattern was more defined. I also noticed that my hair looked shinier and had more bounce and movement.  I was also able to achieve more volume when styling my hair. Just think, all this time, I had been removing the natural moisture from my hair and trying to add it back with oils and serums, when all I needed to do was to stop removing the moisture in the first place.



deva curl how to quit shampoo natural hair



If you are ready to quit shampoo, the easiest way to start is with one of Deva Curl’s How to Quit Shampoo starter kits.  This kit makes it so easy to get started on the journey to frizz free, luscious curls. There is a kit for wavy hair and one for curly hair, so choose the kit that is best for your hair type.  Influenster was kind enough to send me one of Deva Curl’s How to Quit Shampoo Kits complimentary to try out.  The kit I received was for curly hair. 


The Kit Contains:

Buildup Buster– Start with this cleanser to get rid of product buildup without stripping your hair.

No Poo Decadence– This milky cleanser leaves my hair feeling super soft and manageable.

One Condition Decadence– This conditioner makes detangling a breeze, and has added protein to strengthen lifeless curls.

Supercream Coconut Curl Styler– This coconut dream is my “go to” styler.  I know my curl are going to turn out fabulous every time when I use this product.


deva curl how to quit shampoo natural hair

How I use the Deva Curl Products

On wash day, I start out by cleansing my hair thoroughly with the No Poo Decadence cleanser.  I begin at the scalp and work my way down the ends of my tresses.

If I have a bit of product build up and I feel like my hair needs a deeper cleanse, I will start out with the Buildup Buster.   

After cleansing, I follow up with the One Condition Decadence.  I apply the One Condition to my hair while it is dripping wet, and gently finger detangle before rinsing.

The key to getting bouncy defined curls is to apply your styler to your hair while your hair it is dripping wet.  So, while still in the shower, I apply the Suupercreame Coconut Curl Styler to my hair while it is soaking wet.  Do not squeeze the water out or towel dry prior to applying your styler!

Once you have your styling product in your hair, use your fingers to gently distribute the product through your hair.  Give it a shake and a scrunch, then it’s off to the hooded dryer. You can also air dry, or use a diffuser to dry your curls.



deva curl how to quit shampoo natural hair



If you would like to see a demo of how I use these products, go ahead and check out my video below.



Are you ready to quit shampoo?  Let me know in the comments.

Follow me on Instagram to see how my curls looked before I quite shampoo.








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