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    How To Take Your Own Photos For Your Fashion Blog

    Location: Chicago, IL

    You already know that the foundation of a fashion blog is your photos.  Unfortunately, we are not all blessed with a significant other, to take our photos.  Even if you do have a good friend or family member who is willing to take photos for you, it may be a challenge to get your schedules to line up.  Let’s face it, sometimes the only person to lean on in certain situations is me, myself and I.

    Even if you have a designated photographer, it’s a good idea to have the skills for taking your own photos.


    What do I need to take my own photos?

    Not much is needed to take your own photos.  All you really need is your camera and a tripod.  If you don’t have a camera right now, your cell phone will do just fine.  To snap you own photos, you have a few options.

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