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    Makeup Choices that Make a Statement

    statement makeup

    I love a nude lip, and when you see me out, more than likely that is the look you will see me in.  When I’m not wearing a nude lip, I will opt for some clear gloss and let the look of my natural lip color show through.


    On the flip side of that, there are times when I want to stop the show when I walk into the room.  Whenever I’m trying to make a statement with my makeup I have a few items that I always reach for.


    Merlot-I have a lot of red lipsticks, but this color transcends them all.  Merlot by Dose of Color liquid matte  lip stick is a vibrant, bold true red, and the stay put formula will last all night.  It is top choice when a statement lip is needed.

    Sin– Bold, Bold Bold.  Red is fun, but when you need something deeper to set the mood, try a muted tone like Sin by MAC.  This is a deep wine matte color with a blue undertone.  It goes on smooth and has staying power.

    Glitter– This one is not for the faint at heart.  You will certainly be the center of attention all night with glitter lip stick.  Not all glitter lip sticks are created equal.  I have tried a few brands and I find that the glitter lip colors from To Dye For Cosmetics are the best.  Surprisingly this formula goes on smooth, glitter is not everywhere, and it stays put even through eating and drinking.



    The eyes are usually the first thing a person sees when they look directly at you.  You can always make a statement with eyeshadow. Colourpop’s Super Shock Shadow in La La will give you what you need for that wow factor.  This semi shimmer rose gold color is perfect when paired with an understated lip.



    Everyone knows it’s all about the highlight.  For my skin tone, I reach for Gold Deposit by MAC so that everyone sees my glow.


    What are some of your go to makeup products when you want to make a statement?  Which ones would you like to try?