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embracing your personal style


    How to Embrace Your Personal Style

    gray dress with black over the knee boots

    Location: Chicago, IL

    Embracing your personal  style is not easy for most people.  Especially when you have had a certain look for a while and you realize that you need a change.  Developing your personal style probably won’t happen overnight.  Putting a signature look together takes time, but once you have it down, getting dressed on a daily basis will go so much smoother.

    The first step in finding your personal style is to ask yourself what kind of look you would like to see on yourself.  A great way to figure this out is to search Pinterest for style ideas.  Pinterest is a great resource when searching for outfit inspiration.  Create a new board and call it “my personal style”, then start pinning looks that you would like to see yourself in.

    You may find that you favor a  boho look, or maybe you lean more towards a classic, or preppy style.  It’s likely that you won’t have only one type of style that suits you.  Most of us fancy a combination of several style types.  Either way, you should go for the look that makes you feel best.

    I used to think that I had to choose one type of style and stick with it.  I felt that if I mixed my personal style up from day to day, that I would be seen as not being true to my style, or even as being “fake”.  Then I realized that I don’t have to be tied down to one look.  It’s OK to switch it up slightly.  What’s wrong with being trendy one day, and minimal the next?  Even when switching up though, you will find that a part of your style will remain constant.


    Here are a few tips for finding your personal style


    • Take a look at a few people whose style you admire. This could be a celebrity, your favorite fashion blogger, or even a co-worker.   Look to them for direction when you are stuck on putting outfits together.
    • Don’t be afraid to step out of the box and be different.  Just because it isn’t the norm, or it isn’t what all of your friends are wearing, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear it.
    • Keep your lifestyle in mind when deciding on your personal style.  If you are a stay at home mom, then you are not going to be wearing a lot of business or dressy clothes.  Sure you will need these items for certain occasions, but they won’t make up the bulk of your wardrobe.
    • Play up your best features, and downplay those that are not your favorite.   If you know you have killer legs, then wear more dresses and skirts.  Not crazy about your arms?  Choose tops with three quarter length sleeves or a blazer over a cami.

    gray dress with black over the knee boots

    gray dress with black over the knee boots

    gray dress with black over the knee boots


    The What I’m Wearing Outfit Planner is the perfect accompaniment to creating your personal style.  Click here to download your Free Outfit Planner today!

    Outfit Details:

    Dress: Old Navy | Boots: Sam Edelman via Torrid (similar) | Bag: CoachFelicia Hobo (similar) | Necklace: Forever 21 (similar)