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faux locs in number 27


    Goddess Locs- My Natural Hair Protective Style

    faux goddess locs number 27

    Location: chicago, IL

    This summer, I fell in love. Yep, I fell in love with a hairstyle.  I had seen these faux loc styles around for a while, but they never really caught my eye until recently.  It’s like they were trending, and I started seeing them everywhere.

    So as with all of my research, I jetted over to Instagram to search for someone in my area who could install these locs for me.  I found that there were several styles I could choose from.

    • Regular Faux Locs– Traditional locs with blunt ends
    • Goddess Locs-Locs with curly hair on the ends
    • Bohemian Goddess Locs– Goddess Locs with strands of curly hair strategically placed throughout the head

    faux goddess locs

    The most common installation method seemed to be the crochet method.  I knew that I did not want to go that route.  The more professional version was installed by first braiding a section of  the hair, similar to a box braid, then wrapping synthetic hair around the braid to form the loc.

    I then ran across a method that claimed to install the locs without braiding the hair or using the crochet method.  This unique method claimed that there would be no tension on the hair, and that the loc extensions could actually be reused.  Now I was sold.  I really wanted this method for my faux loc install.  Starting at $300, the price point was a little steep for me, but from experience, I have learned that you get what you pay for.

    The Installation

    Now I know you may be wondering, how did she get faux locs without braiding or crocheting them into the hair?  Well, while the exact method of installation was not shared with me, I will give a synopsis of the process.

    • My stylist pre-made each individual loc by hand with synthetic hair
    • My hair was sectioned off in small parts,  as if to braid
    • Then the pre-made locs were attached to each section while my hair lay safely tucked away inside of each individual locs

    faux goddess locs number 27

    This method yields no tension, and no damage to the hair.  The installation takes anywhere from 2-3 hours.   I have worn this style for about 3 months now, with one touch-up over the summer, and have received a ton of complements!  This is one of the most fun protective styles I’ve ever had, and the longest lasting.  The retouch process is a breeze and only takes about 1 hour.

    Click here to see my video on some of the ways I style my faux goddess locs

    If you are in the Chicago land area, check out City on Loc for your faux loc installation.