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    Killer Halloween Makeup Tutorials

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    I spend a lot of time of YouTube. Mainly because I am always doing something with my own YouTube channel, but I also love interacting with the community and watching videos uploaded by others. Although I watch a variety of genres on YouTube, it should be no surprise that my favorite videos to binge watch are the makeup tutorials.

    In the tradition of Halloween season, I have been seeing a lot of Halloween makeup tutorials pop up in my feed from the content creators that I am subscribed to. From scary to sexy, everyone seems to be adding their own creative touch to Halloween Makeup tutorials this year.

    These girls are killing the game in makeup and their take on Halloween costume makeovers are no different.

    Here are just a few of my favorites.


    Liliana Toufiles gave me a fright with her Skull Makeup tutorial. I really like the fact that minimal products were used in the tutorial, and this is something that can be achieved, even if you are not that great with makeup application.



    Ellarie wowed us with a sexy Betty Boop tutorial. She decided to take a nontraditional route by making her transformation of Betty Boop brown girl friendly.  To achieve Betty Boop’s pouty lip, Ellarie used Melted Matte Liquified Lipstick in the color Lady Balls, and followed it with Melted Latex High Shine Lipstick in the color I’m Bossy, both by Too Faced.  Being the diva that she is, this was all done on the fly, without a pre-trial run.



    Alissa Ashley is by far one of my favorite makeup gurus. I look forward to any video she uploads. She really blew me away with her rendition of Pennywise the clown, the character from the movie IT. However, she stole my heart when she transformed into a Bratz Doll.  Alissa used the Jumbo Eye Pencil by NYX in the color Milk to white out her water line so that her eyes would have that doll like appearance.


    I’m not sure which of these looks I’ll be trying out this year, but I am defiantly inspired and excited for Halloween.

    Let me know which Halloween Makeup tutorial look is your favorite.