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    My Top 3 Favorite Perfumes

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    Location: Chicago, IL

    You would never know it now, but there was a time when I didn’t like perfume. As a teenager I remember tip toeing by my Aunts perfume collection and spraying on a bit of her Calvin Klein Eternity for Women, or Giorgio perfume. I took you way back with that one, huh?  I was so excited when I received my own bottle of Liz Claiborne perfume as a gift. I proudly placed the blue triangular shaped bottle on the top of my dresser, right in the center.

    I can’t remember exactly when, but sometime in my early 20’s, I started to dislike perfume. I would purchase a bottle of perfume, and a few days later couldn’t stand the smell of it on me. After a while, I decided that perfume wasn’t for me.  I steered away from purchasing it for years, and body sprays from Bath and Body Works became the only scents I would wear.

    It would be years later before I was re-introduced to perfume by my “cologne loving” husband.  He was always shopping for different colognes, so I found myself at several perfume/cologne counters. I wanted to like perfume, but I just didn’t.  My husband shared with me that I just needed to find the right perfume for me, and I had to be willing to invest a little money.
    Well I decided to take his advice and the hunt was on to find the perfect perfume for me.  I did, and now Moschino’s I Love, Love perfume is my signature scent.

    After finding a perfume that I actually liked, I slowly started to try others. I now have many fragrances in my perfume collection, however, there are a few that I really love.

    Here are my top 3 favorite perfumes:

    Flora by Gucci Sexy but subtle, this scent leads with a fruity/citrus smell with just a hint of floral.
    I Love, Love by Moschino A crisp light citrus scent, perfect for summer, and my signature scent.
    Daisy Dream by Marc JacobsThis scent reminds you of a happy, sunny, easy going day. Notes of blackberry, grapefruit and pear.

    Bonus Scent:

    Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet by DiorFlirty, girly, and sensual all at the same time. Notes of orange essence, pink peony, and Damascus rose.


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    To see my entire perfume collection, and to hear the details of how I came to love perfume again, check out my video below.