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    My Choker Necklace Collection

    Rose Gold Drop Loop & Sequin Choker Necklace

    Location: chicago, IL

    I can remember back in the 70’s and early 80’s, everyone had at least one choker necklace.  Like most fashion trends, these cute little necklaces have made a fashion come back, and I am loving them!

    Choker necklaces are the perfect dainty adornment, and with so many styles, you can pair them with several different outfits.  I have them in several metals from yellow gold to rose gold, and some in fabric.

    brown suede and gold choker


    Some choker necklaces tend to be on the snug side.  This can be a problem for us curvy ladies.  Sometimes that chain just doesn’t have quite enough length.  WhenI run into this issue with my choker necklaces, I like to add a necklace extender to give me that extra half inch or so.  Another option is to get your choker necklaces from a store that caters to plus size women such as Torrid or Lane Bryant


    torrid crochet choker






    silver choker necklace


    Rose Gold Drop Loop & Sequin Choker Necklace

    Rose Gold Drop Loop & Sequin Choker Necklace from Charming Charlie